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Weekly Positive Affirmation Cards

Weekly Positive Affirmation Cards


This set of positive affirmation cards is designed to assist in changing your mindset and increasing your self-confidence. Increasing your self-confidence and changing your mindset will help you make positive decisions and have a positive outlook on life and your ever-changing situations.


    There are 52 positive affirmation cards included in the set. You can read cards at the beginning or the end of your day or several times. You are welcome to use the same affirmation the following week as needed, or you can use the affirmation that applies to your situation for that week.


    All positive affirmation card sets are final sale and are not eligible for refund, return, or exchange.


    Positive affirmations card sets are only available for pickup at the store. Reserve positive affirmation cards online, and you will be notified when your order is ready for pickup at the store.

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