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Do you aspire to be a successful private practice clinician? If so, this page may offer a variety of avenues to achieve your goal. When I started my practice, I did not have a mentor nor did I have the opportunity to shadow a clinician or take classes that would teach me what is needed to run a flourishing practice. Unfortunately there are no classes at a university/college to provide us with the tools and resources we need to run a thriving private practice.


After several years of experience, I learned the core values of running an effective, thriving private practice. Once I learned this trade, I wanted to teach this to other clinicians so they can be successful in the beginning stages of running their private practice. 


Most clinicians enter the field of mental health to help clients manage their symptoms and to strengthen communities. Most do not have experience or knowledge of how to run a small business. However, when running a private practice, you are required to know the basics of operating a counseling service.

A private practice can be challenging as you may not have anyone you can consult with or help you process complex cases.  Or you may have a desire to grow but do not know where to start. Perhaps you may be feeling overwhelmed and may think you are alone in the process. Maybe you want to revamp your practice, but you are not sure where to start. Do you need support with organizational systems, staffing, finance, etc.? 


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a coach or mentor to go to with your business-related questions? Or what if you had a network of trusted clinicians you could send referrals to and receive referrals from? Final question: Would you like to receive information and education on how to run a thriving practice? 


I aim to service clinicians who are new to private practice and seasoned clinicians who are struggling to master the complexities surrounding it. I have created opportunities for clinicians to network, receive mentorship, obtain valuable resources, sustain a steady flow of clientele, and enhance their professionalism. 


Inspiring & Empowering Change, LLC wants to help you grow your business. Over the years, I have been able to learn the fundamental key aspects necessary for growing my practice.  To support clinicians with running a thriving practice, Inspiring & Empowering Change, LLC has created a learning academy, Private Practice Academy, that includes 10-week learning modules.

Academy Modules Include:

  • Setting/Redefining Private Practice Goals

  • Financial Management 

  • Professional Branding ​

  • Marketing ​

  • Electronic Health Record System

  • Compliance ​

  • Finding Your Niche 

  • Insurance Paneling/Billing/Self Pay

  • Administrative/Support Staff

  • Self-Care


"I am the founder and CEO of Healthy Mind Foundations, which is a behavioral health organization located in Laurel, Maryland. Ms. Russell has offered behavioral health consultation to my PRP and OMHC program.

Working with Ms. Russell is what I define as business therapy. She delivers a 360-degree experience of learning while earning in the mental health space. At the initial stages we laid the foundation for the business. The foundation from a financial, professional, and ethical perspective. At later stages she invested her time into catering to the nuances that make the difference between success and failure.

Her guidance helped us navigate pitfalls and problems that would have plagued the future of our organization. In the later stages, she deployed her stellar therapy skills to help ameliorate the downturns of business. She let us walk our journey, but we could hear her voice echo in the abyss of our minds. Her words and guidance felt like the light at the end of the tunnel. In summary, she teaches while empowering, gives hope while challenging you. I believe that is why her agency is called Inspiring and Empowering Change."

Dr. Kenneth Uwajeh,  MD MPH MWACP PHF 

If you are interested in signing up, please fill out the pre-registration questionnaire to reserve your space. Once you are pre-registered, you will be notified via email regarding the next steps.


I look forward to having you join the Private Practice Academy!

Private Practice Academy
Pre-Registration Questionnaire

Are you a new or aspiring mental health provider that is interested in opening a behavioral health practice?
Do you want strategies on how you can increase the number of clients you serve?

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